Ao Punch
Rua São Bento, 98 , 2º, Lisbon, Portugal 21st. February, 1906


The Editor "Punch",

Bonverie Street,

London. Sir, I submit the poem enclosed to your appreciation. In it I have tried merely to attain the ridiculous by the union of the serious and of the grotesque. I have attempted, moreover, to link the ridiculousness of expression thus produced to a lofty, elegiac verse-movement. You will judge how far I have succeeded.

I am aware that my manuscript should have been typewritten, but my means do not allow it. I am further conscious that I have no literary experience ( none can be expected from a boy of sixteen); and that, for this reason, in the writing of my manuscript I may have injuried Convention rudely : all this with a pseudonym; but when a foreigner writes anything - especially a poem - is it better not to father is directly.

If my poem refused, I am afraid you must put in the waste-paper basket, inasmuch as English stamps are here unobtainable. In hope of success, however, I enclose what I can - an addressed envelope.

Awaiting your decision,

I am, Sir,
Yours faithfully,
F. A. N. Pessôa.

Notas explicativas carta nº 2
H. D. Jennings refere uma carta de Fernando Pessoa ao diretor do Punch, incluindo o poema humorístico " An elegy on the marriage of my dear friend Mr. Jinks", datado de 16 de abril de 1905 (op. cit. , p.94) Repare-se na inexatidão da idade com que Pessoa se apresenta: dezesseis anos, quando, na realidade tinha, nesta altura, quase dezoito. Fernando Pessoa - Correspondência 1905-1922 Editora Companhia das Letras. carta nº 2